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Mastering Options Strategies & Adjustments

An option trading strategy is a hybrid combination of futures and options or of two different options to create a product that can have defined risk or defined returns or both. Option strategies are possible due to the unique nature of options; being asymmetric in nature. Options strategies utilized by traders that express their view of market direction and expected volatility. Some option strategies are designed to mitigate risk while others are designed to profit by accepting risk. Hedging helps us to protect portfolio from uncertainty which helps to make good returns.

Course Duration
  • Session : 20 (60 minute Each)
  • Batch Mode : Offline/Online
Course Content
  • Long Call/Put
  • Short Call/Put
  • Covered Call/Put
  • Bull Call/Put Spread
  • Bear Call/Put Spread
  • Long/Short Straddle
  • Long/Short Strangle
  • Calendar Spread
  • Diagonal Spread
  • Iron Condor
  • Iron Fly
  • Call/Put Butterflies
  • Ratio Spread
  • Ratio Backspread
  • Double Diagonal
  • Hedging Portfolio with Derivatives
Upon Completion of This Course,You Will Master Following Skills :
  • How to build strategy as per market Trend
  • Strategy adjustment with proper Entry and Exit
  • Hedging techniques to limit losses
  • How to adjust Strategies in Profit/Loss