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Novice to Investor

Our Novice to Investor course is aimed at anyone who wants to trade and increase their income irrespective of what level of knowledge or past experiences they have in the market. The program is designed so that even an individual with zero knowledge of the markets can start, learn and grow at their own pace and earn from the market. One of our endeavors is to make investing in the stock market accessible to everyone. Join one of the largest communities of profitable traders, learn with them, ask questions, get help, and speed up the results. Benefit from our Mentorship Program, participate in live coaching sessions, benefit from personalized support, and get unlimited access to training platforms.

Course Duration
  • Session : 10 Hours
  • Batch Mode : Offline/Online
Course Content
  • What is Investment?
  • What is Stocks & Stock Market?
  • Issue of Shares (IPO/FPO/OFS)
  • Regulators of Indian Market
  • Market Participants
  • Indices & its Use
  • Market Terminology
  • Requirements for Trading
  • Market Timing
  • Global Market & its Impact
  • Credit Policy & its Impact
  • Equity & Derivatives Trading
  • Accounting and Taxation
  • Major Announcement & its Impact
  • Online Trading
Upon Completion of This Course,You Will Master Following Skills :
  • What is the Stock Market?
  • How the market functions and why prices move up and down?
  • How can you make money from the stock market?
  • What type of investor are you?
  • Various tools and methods for investing
  • How to place buy/sell order?