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Currency & Commodity Trading

The global currency exchange operates as a decentralized network where buyers and sellers negotiate the transfer of currencies at agreed-upon rates. This intricate system serves as the primary mechanism through which individuals, corporations, and central banks convert one currency into another. Notably, this market stands out as the largest and most liquid in the financial world, with an estimated daily turnover exceeding US $6.5 trillion. The substantial daily volume of currency conversions introduces a notable level of volatility, creating an appealing environment for traders seeking opportunities for substantial profits.

Course Duration
  • Session : 13 (60 minute Each)
  • Batch Mode : Offline/Online
Course Content
  • Introduction to global currency market
  • Different Type of Currency Pairs
  • Trading Sessions & Timing
  • How to Choose a Broker
  • Interest Rates & Monetary Policy
  • Fundamental Factors that affect Currency Values
  • Trade a Synthetic Currency Pair
  • Use Currency Crosses to Trade the Majors
  • Guide to News Trading
  • What is the US Dollar Index (USDX)?
  • The Dollar Smile Theory
  • Intermarket Correlations
  • Currency and Global Equity Markets
  • Currency Correlation Explained
  • Country Profiles
  • Trading US Stock & Global Indices, Commodity & Crypto
Upon Completion of This Course,You Will Master Following Skills :
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of currency pairs, pips, spreads, lot sizes, trading sessions, and the key players influencing the market
  • Acquire the skills to choose a suitable broker based on specific criteria and comprehend the intricacies of margin accounts.
  • Develop proficiency in fundamental analysis by exploring core principles, understanding the impact of interest rates and monetary policy, and learning effective news trading strategies.
  • Harness valuable insights from the Commitment of Traders (COT) report, interpret the significance of currency crosses, and strategically use synthetic pairs to enhance your trading approach.
  • Master news trading, navigate carry trade dynamics, and leverage intermarket correlations, particularly with the US Dollar Index, for precise and confident trade execution