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Novice to Investor

The course covers the basics and fundamentals of functioning of the stock market, various investment instruments and how to invest in the stock market. You will learn the essential for investing in the stock market and how to place buy and sell orders.

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Introduction to FnO Trading

Learn about derivative instruments, including Options, Futures & Swaps. Gain a deep understanding of Equity Derivatives, Currency Derivatives & Commodity Market. Also, learn to analyze Derivatives Stats to get the idea about the market Trend.

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Currency & Commodity Trading

This course is designed to help you understand the global currency exchange market. You will learn how Currency trading works, study the different currency pairs, currency fundamentals, intermarket correlations and more.

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Market Analysis Mastery

You will learn to understand various technical charts and statistics. With this course you will be able to define and determine the right price for a share, learn various management strategies to manage day to day trading and control risks and various essential rules to respect.

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Mastering Options Strategies & Adjustments

Unlock the tactics used in successful Options Trading with the Options Strategies Course. This course will teach you to implement Options Strategies tailored to different market views and to adjust risk. Also, learn the different type of adjustments/hedging technique to minimize loss and maximize gains.

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